How to value a diamond

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Set a fair price : Once you know the value of your diamond and you have a good understanding of the 4 Cs then a study of the market will be enough for you to decide on a fair price for your diamond. Price should not be more than deserving but not less also. You will have to negotiate about it so be specific and careful while setting a price.

Selling options :Either you can sell your diamond to a jewelry firm or to a person. These are the only two options you have. If you want to sell fast and quite then go to a professional jewelry dealer otherwise you can sell it to a person. But remember that the person should be someone you can have full confidence and trust.

Paper works : If possible, do all the paper works and do them neatly. Diamonds with full proof paper works crack a better deal compared to those without the papers. Paper works assure the buyer that he/she is buying an authenticated and a legal product which gives a mental satisfaction and mental satisfactions is one of the major factors in the field of buy and sell.

Sell your diamond : Now is the time for you to sell your precious and beloved diamond. You need to be mentally prepared for this moment as the diamonds have a charm on their owners. All the best!

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Got a diamond… and want to sell it? We can help you prepare for it. Having a diamond is a matter of pride but when it comes to selling, it is also as difficult as keeping it safe. There are many hoaxes out there who can easily disguise you if you lack in the knowledge of the basics. There are few things one should know and do before selling a diamond. Let’s fire away those tips and pointers.

Consult a faithful appraiser : Only a good appraiser can tell you the real value of your precious stone. And he can tell you that whether the stone you have is a diamond or not. Find a trustworthy appraise who can give you an unbiased description about your diamond without his personal benefit.

Know the 4 Cs : “Cut, color, clarity and carat-weight” these are known as the 4 Cs of diamond. You must know them properly and should have a good understanding of them. This will help you know your own diamond up to a higher extent. Knowledge of these will help you compare your stone with the other ones.

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